Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Comes as a victor in 2015

The Tstand at my espresso bar with iPad Pro enclosed in the Ballistic Tough Jacket case

It also comes with USB Type-C, which is absent in Surface Pro 4, and while it is a bit behind Microsoft's tablet when it comes to performance, it has its advantages too. The kickstand now props in three positions. To wrap up, though, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will most likely last you through the day without needing charging with a mild usage - working, web browsing, sending e-mails and so on. The bottom of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 features several connector ports - here known as SurfaceConnect- that allows you to connect the detachable keyboard to the tablet. Maybe you want to compose an email while watching a YouTube clip, or write a document while referencing something online, or have a few websites open at once, you name it. Even though Surface 3 only runs an Atom processorĀ and not a core processor like the Pro model, it can still multitask like a champion and everything feels pretty snappy.

The bigger screen is a double-edged sword for touch interaction.

Base warranty is one year, but you can purchase an extended plan that gets you an additional year of coverage, including accidental damage protection, for $149. On the other hand, typing with the software keyboard is just plain miserable, no matter what style of software input is being used.

Technologically, it doesn't fall down anywhere, but neither does it represent that giant a leap ahead from the previous Surface Pro 3 if you consider it is only slightly lighter and represents just a 30pc boost in processing speed.

For now, the availability of the laptop is only in the US. A hybrid that at this moment is setting the standards in its category. The stylus has integrated pressure sensors to help control the width of lines when writing or drawing on a screen. True, the pen is a pleasure to use and it's got an eraser on the top. Combine that with the unlimited canvas and a very responsive (albeit not as natural feeling as real pen and paper) pen tip, you get a device that does to legal pads and notepads what the MP3 player did to the CD player: a much faster, more portable, more convenient, and more intuitive way to carry music with you everywhere without any of the drawbacks of physical pen and paper.

K Raman, managing director of Microsoft Malaysia, said: "We have received remarkable success since the launch of the Surface Pro 3 a year ago, and continuously drove ourselves to create the most productive devices on the planet". You can even search through your handwritten notes.

The pen has been redesigned to have a slimmer profile and a flat surface along one side to make it ideal for clinging magnetically to the Pro 4. Not only thatĀ but Microsoft's latest bundle feature also puts things in one place for ease of access.

Tstand, a simple stand for tablets which reached 1600 percent of its Kickstarter goal this week, aims to alleviate this problem, by providing a way to view your tablet close to eye level, regardless if you are lying down or sitting.



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