Herman Cain defends Ben Carson: They did the same thing to me

Republican President candidate Dr. Ben Carson speaks at Liberty University

Carson, who has been poking fun at the media leading up to Tuesday night's debate, thanked the moderators avoiding questions from many years ago.

He continued, "I have no problem with being vetted". "Give me a podium, give me a stage, put the camera on, we'll be just fine".

Carson appears to have missed the nine hours during which Clinton was grilled, and after which nothing was uncovered by the Republican-led Benghazi Committee.

"Every time we raise the minimum wage, the number of jobless people increases", said Republican Ben Carson, 64, a retired neurosurgeon who has pulled slightly ahead of the pack in a few opinion polls.

Yet, Carson seems surprised that inconsistencies and there are many, in his personal story would be examined.

Last week, Carson said that he believed CNN was making him out to be a pathological liar after the network exposed false claims that Carson was a violent youth.

When Chabot pushed back, suggesting that all candidates face media scrutiny, Graham disagreed. In both situations, there are about a quarter of those polled who say they are undecided. "I appreciate that. "Relating to the stabbing story, Carson's marketing crusade pointed to an article in Parade Magazine in 1997, where his mother corroborates the story, telling the reporter "Oh in that really happened".

He went on to describe the issues with Clinton's description of the attacks as "very different" from his claims about West Point.

"Well, when I say "tithing" I'm talking about the concept of proportionality", Carson said.

GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson made major headlines over the weekend after Politico, a national political newspaper in Virginia claimed the candidate's presidential campaign had admitted to "fabricating" a story regarding Carson's recount that he received a "full scholarship" to attend the military academy West Point. He tweeted out a video earlier showing staff reading "Top 10 Things the Liberal Media Thinks are Important for Voters to Know About Ben Carson".

"People are clearly able to see what's going on", Carson said Sunday on ABC's "This Week".

The morning after the fourth Republican debate, Donald Trump is playing Mr. Nice Guy.

"Ben Carson did not lie, Politico, they fabricated a lie", Carson said, insisting "it was semantics that they tried to attack him on". 



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