Asus is building its own AR headset; may launch it in 2016

Asus is building its own AR headset; may launch it in 2016

According to a report from CNET, Asus CEO Jerry Shen confirmed the plans during an earnings call on Wednesday, arguing that augmented reality or AR will be more useful than virtual reality.

Against the backdrop of Asus' efforts to foray into the AR market, Shen also said that the company predicts that "AR will be very important for people's lives".

Asus is now officially set to enter the augmented reality wearables market next year, according to its CEO.

Last month Asus chairman Jonney Shih revealed that his company was in talks with Microsoft about manufacturing third-party HoloLens units.

Microsoft executives try out HoloLens on stage.

It seems like ASUS favours the prospects of AR devices over VR ones.

Since the apparent death of Google Glass, virtual reality has nabbed much of the limelight from augmented reality.

However, it still remains unknown if this Asus product will be a different version of Microsoft's HoloLens, or what the general price range will be. Perhaps its headset could work like Samsung's Gear VR.

The company's product shouldn't be confused with virtual reality headsets, such as the Facebook-backed Oculus Rift, which show the wearer a completely digital world. "Internally, we are talking about how to prepare".

KitGuru Says: Asus has confirmed that it is working on its own augmented reality glasses though we don't know who the target audience will be yet, or how they will work. Its products include desktops, laptops, monitors, servers, networking equipment, tablet computers, and mobile phones.

It remains to be seen just how ASUS' augmented reality plans will shape up, as no actual details are available at this point.



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