Apple to Release a 4-Inch iPhone 6C to Replace iPhone 5C

Apple iPhone 6S Plus

Apple is believed to be working on an expanded iPhone 7 lineup for 2016, which also includes a smaller 4-inch model, so it's only natural to expect significant hardware improvements in some areas.

When the iPhone 6/6 Plus launched, Display Mate's Dr. Raymond Soneira called the display found on the iPhone 6 Plus the "best performing smartphone LCD display [sic] that [Display Mate has] ever tested".

There has been talk going around in the # Apple universe that the company is probably looking to replace LCD panels from the # iPhone models with AMOLED displays.

One of the areas where Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) products, particularly the iPhone, excel is in their displays. However, they only began gaining ground after the Apple Watch arrived with an AMOLED display housed inside a rounded rectangular frame.

Interestingly enough, there has been quite a lot of speculation and/or hope that Apple would move away from traditional LCDs in favor of OLEDs for its upcoming iPhones. "AMOLED is significantly more power efficient than the LED-backlit IPS LCD panels Apple has been using for years", the outlet explained.

Apple's suppliers are still largely investing in LCD technology, with Foxconn set to build sixth generation LTPS TFT-LCD production lines in China.

One of the main criticisms for the iPhone 6 series was the larger screen, so this will definitely make for an attractive and potentially cheaper option for Apple fanatics that do not require such a large space to operate. The company believes that the next three years would see companies still as hungry for LCD displays as of the past, if not more.

Additionally, Apple is expected to stick with OLED technology for the displays on its Apple Watch.

Furthermore, Kuo recently picked up key information from Apple component suppliers and apparently documented the same as a research note.


The facility is expected to commence mass production in 2018, and Kuo is "confident" that it is meant to meet TFT-LCD orders from Apple for their future iPhones.



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