Pitching Rotation for World Series

Billy Joel to perform national anthem at Game 3 of World Series

At a recent World Series press conference, Murphy was finally asked to address the questions that were on everyone's minds: What planet is he from, and how is he so effective at concealing the fact that he's an intergallactic explorer from a galaxy filled with baseball demigods.

Their rotation (Jacob DeGrom, Noah Syndergaard, Matt Harvey, Steven Matz) and Daniel Murphy, along with Lucas Duda and the 9th - and often 8th - inning dominance of Jeurys Familia. After all, if you take away Murphy's contributions, the Mets have hit just.

If there's one thing Mets pitchers can do, it's bring the heat.

And while some of this feels familiar - who in baseball wouldn't covet the Mets' young, talented pitching staff the way the sport once did for the likes of Dwight Gooden, Ron Darling and Sid Fernandez? - this 2015 team has carved a personality all its own, one cast in the shadow of a tireless manager, built on camaraderie in the clubhouse and born of boundless enthusiasm. They have struck out 91 in nine playoff games, taking a lot of pressure off the fielders behind them.

"We're fortunate to have taken care of our business quick", reserve infielder Kelly Johnson said.

If the Royals can do that, they could find themselves in good shape. They had as many hits (21) as the Mets had runs (21).

In the past, the Mets always had the steady-gloved Tejada as defensive insurance at shortstop. Brains. You play when hurt or pitch on short rest, and in critical moments like the World Series, you pitch three games when you should pitch only two.

Teufel, however, is not concerned about Flores or Murphy. He admitted through a translator he "felt a little something" during his first post-shot batting practice session Sunday, but added, "This morning I woke up and I didn't feel anything".

It wouldn't be sour grapes for Cubs fans-or Dodgers fans before them-to rationalize as fluky their teams' losses at the hands of a hitter experiencing a Bruce Banner-esque transformation at the plate. Then he saves five games in eight spotless outings during the NL playoffs.

It's a challenge, Teufel said, but they have faced this situation all season. "We're look at their charts, see where they hit the 94-plus guys and position ourselves well". "When I first started managing, I thought I ran a good game".

They hope to have a healthy Yoenis Cespedes against the Royals, too.

"Our guys can catch and throw the ball", Teufel said. "It's just the matter of getting them in the right spots".

The way the New York Mets were playing, the last thing they needed was five days off.

Granderson, who wore the wrap Monday during media day, said: "I played with it the last game in Chicago". "As long as we are in the right spot".


Also, his 2004 season had presented his biggest power output so far, with his 38 homers being the first time he surpassed the 30-homer mark.



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